The Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based POS for Restaurant Business

With the rapid development in technology, point of sale systems get to have its own share of significant upgrades. One new technology new POS systems are using is the Cloud. Being in the cloud, means you can access the system with any device compatible as long as you have internet connection. These new set of cloud-based POS really have great advantages, but should you really upgrade right away? These are the main things you should consider when thinking of implementing this new technology into your business.

The Pros and Benefits of Upgrading to Cloud-Based POS.


As mentioned earlier, anything cloud can be accessed anywhere as long as you have internet. Being able to view what’s happening to your business is very valuable, as you can immediately deal with problems at moment’s notice, even without you being physically present on site.

Lower Overhead Cost

Traditional POS systems carry the underlying cost of maintenance fee for upgrades and technical assistance or even training. But with Cloud-based point-of-sale system, you get a significantly lower monthly fee for maintenance and sometimes no upfront fee at all.

Instant Upgrades

Being cloud-based means the back-end technology of your point of sale system is taken care of by the provider even without the on-site technical visits. If your business relies on technology heavily then this feature and benefit is a real treat for you. However, just like any technology, web based or cloud-based POS systems come with their own set of cons.

Data Loss Risk

There are many reasons that can make you lose your data when it is being stored in the cloud. There can be “attacks” or the system might get hacked. Servers may break down or worse catastrophe can destroy your POS systems data centers. These are scenarios that can happen. Even with the guarantees and backup, data loss in cloud based technologies is always a risk.

Downtime Dangers

Again, this problem concerns the servers of your point of sales system being “attacked”, or breaking down. Downtime can really affect your business more than you will know. What if the service interruption happened during the peak days of your business? This setback may lose you money.

Upgrade Cost

Any upgrades that offer great benefits usually come with a price tag. Cloud-based point of sale systems are no exceptions to this. You need to think of your business’ finance before committing to an upgrade. Upgrading to cloud-based restaurant POS system that you use for your restaurant carries a lot of benefits. But before jumping in for the upgrade, you should always consider what aspect of your business is the most important to you or what part do you want a big upgrade to take place. Knowing these things can save you the troubles down the road and more importantly, will help your business grow further with the help of technology.

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