Simple yet Informative and Powerful Features

InspirePOS Point of Sales System for Restaurant uses the best features which are tweaked according to your preferences. We understand that quick serve restaurants need to churn out orders at a fast pace, that is why we give you the power to customize the system.


Menu Management

Manage your quick serve restaurant’s menu according to your best seller. Tap and swipe orders at a fast pace and increase revenue.

Multiple Langauge

Works without Internet

A line full of customers and the internet is dead?! Don’t fret, because our POS system works even without the internet.

Optional Modifier

Customize Anything!

A fully customizable POS system gives you the power to do everything your way! Now it’s easy to boost sales and keep customers coming back.

Quick Serve just got Quicker!

With revolutionary new features which give you complete control, your quick serve will be churning outthousands of orders every hour.

Multiple Langauge

Multiple Printing Points

Yelling is history! Now send orders straight to specific printers and save valuable timealong with speeding up order delivery.

Queue Management Ready

Item Modifiers

No cheese, extra cheese, ¾ lettuce??!! Use our item modifier buttons to take even the most complicated orders with just a few taps.

Queue Management System

Payment Options

InspirePOS gives you complete freedom to accept multiple payment options from customers. From cash to credit cards and even gift cards.

“ I have never witnessed our sales increasing at such a pace! After getting the InspirePOS system for my quick serve restaurant, we can not only serve our customers faster and more efficiently, but the detailed analytics really help by providing all the information I need as a business owner. ”



Keep Customers Coming Back for More

InspirePOS even provides your quick serve with email integration. Now send all the details of deals, gift cards and new items added to your menu to customers and keep them coming back for more