Every Possible Customizable Option

At InspirePOS, we don’t like forcing restaurant and bar owners to use redundant and static POS systems. We love it when you do things your way,that’s why our dynamic Restaurant POS systems come with many customizable options so that you and your employees stay productive.


Multiple Printing Points

Efficiency is driven by efficient systems. By selecting multiple printing points, our intelligent POS system sends the order down to the specific printer.

Multiple Langauge

Bill Splitting Made Easy

So that large party there wants individual checks? InspirePOS makes splitting bills an easy task. Just some taps and swipes, and voila, you have individual checks for everyone.

Optional Modifier

No Internet? No Problem!

Our Point of Sales System on iPad are designed to work even without the internet. In the challenging food and hospitality industry, we understand that every second matters.

Get all the Insights with Analytics

InspirePOS provides your restaurant or bar with detailed analytics, so that you can keep a track of everything.

Multiple Langauge

Increase Profit Margins

Our innovative POS systems help you expand your profit margins by giving you all the info that you would need as an owner.

Queue Management Ready

Top Sellers

Get a complete detail of your top sellers and items that drive your restaurant or bar, along with items on which you are losing money.

Queue Management System

Running Low?

Inventory trackers keep a check on all your items and ingredients and inform you when you are running low on anything.

“ At our restaurant and bar, we wanted to do things the traditional way. But we realized soon the traditional is not always better and switched to InspirePOS systems. Now our sales have doubled, productivity has increased and customers are happy.”



Detailed Reports Offer you all the Info

At InspirePOS, we understand that having exact and complete information about every facet of your business can help in making all the right decisions. That’s why we provide you with detailed reports which give you all the information about your sales and operational costs.