Top Technologies That Are Changing the Restaurant Businesses

Technology is advancing at a very fast rate. Our daily lives are being changed almost year after year. Sometimes, change occurs even shorter. Businesses have benefited on what technology has to offer. The same is true for restaurant businesses as well. Here are some of the technology that are innovating the restaurant businesses around the world.

Digital Time Zones.

The “times” we interact with our devices can considered as different “zones”. It can be “me time” when you’re using your smartphone alone, “our time” when we are using devices with our friends to do something like work or play, or “real time” when we use our devices to remotely fall in line for us.

Ambient Attendants.

AI is improving more and more to better serve us with our needs. This technology is now being used to recommend us where to dine based on what we want at that moment. Although it is still far from perfect, it is slowly being incorporated to our we choose our next set of actions.


Facial recognition has been slowly making its way into our daily lives. Facebook can now detect faces from pictures you have uploaded and sort it. This can be done in real time as well. This is something that restaurant operators can start harnessing to better serve their clients.

Cognitive Computing.

IBM is making strides in this aspect of computing. With this technology, restaurateurs can better handle their customers. In case a customer is not happy with their experience on your restaurant, this assistive technology can help the owner respond better to the negative remark in a way it will be received better.

Participatory Dining.

Collective internet events are becoming commonly accepted today. That is why Periscope is very popular these days. Restaurant owners can use this to create an event where they can give a virtual tour of their kitchen and have the public “feel” the ambiance of their restaurant. These technologies that are already real now use to exist only on the movies we watch a few years ago. Technology can great help your business, you need to start integrating a reliable service to help you grow to the next level.

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